1000 to 2000 increased risk of renal stone disease due to global warming, UT Southwestern researchers – Global warming likely ‘belt kidney stone ‘the proportion of the population of kidney stones by expanding of the high-risk region than in known affected enhance neighboring countries, researchers to UT Southwestern Medical Center and UT Dallas found. – Dehydration is one of the risk factors that fails with kidney stone disease, and the paper global warming intensify this effect. The researchers predict that hair loss treatment . 2050, higher temperatures , an additional 1000-2000 kidney stone cases, which lead up to 30 % growth in some areas.

Order, climate change, Tom Brikowski, lead author of the study and professor of Earth Sciences at UT Dallas Obviously warming from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007 Fourth Assessment Report, in which the temperature rises predicted forecast is based on expectations of future greenhouse gases.

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Taylor is bad for thinking and memoryidentified New research by scientists in the U.S. That among women for low – and null -carb diets , they got worse conducted the thought and memory test in comparison to reducing calorie not the reducing carbohydrates. Where it carbohydrates in their food, their minds and memory back to normal. Although this study simply persecuted dietary subscriber over three weeks, the information suggest that diets can influence more than just weight .