1, 2009 Marketing Plan October start under new marketing requirements. These new requirements are to protect to protect Medicare beneficiaries from deceptive or high-pressure marketing tactics by insurance companies and their agents, said Weems.

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With FDA indefinitely a decision on a visa application by Barr Laboratories so that their EC Plan B. Sold without a prescription for women only postponed age 17 and older . – CBS ‘ ’60 Minutes’on the Sunday examines the ongoing debate about Plan B. The segment includes comments for David Hager, a Lexington, Kentucky based OB / GYN and a former member of Advisory Committee to the FDA Reproductive Health, Susan Wood the her post as with FDA Assistant Commissioner of on the health of women earlier that year as Agency approach to the issue, and a woman who might not receive plan B from the emergency room of Catholic hospital New York after she had been raped (steel, ’60 Minutes’, the full transcript is available online.