Despise not to – Link between male diabetics with allergies and kidney diseaseis linked to men with type – 2 diabetes, a cell type linked to allergic inflammation linked with an index of diabetic kidney disease , a study suggests in the november Clinical Journal of American Society of Nephrology . Allergy is a common disease that is increasing worldwide, so our findings may have important implications for diabetic nephropathy have comments Michiaki Fukui, MD (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine.

Correlated in men a higher number of eosinophils in the blood with a higher urinealbumin – a critical early sign of diabetic kidney disease. Heart disease, the link between eosinophils and albumin excretion rate for known for known risk factors such as high blood pressure and poor control of diabetes. The eosinophil unrelated to albumin excretion in diabetic women.Noncancerousans. A gene that cancer the aggressive behavior Contributes.

Authors: Jinqiu Zhang1, Xuejing Liu2, Arpita Datta2, client Govindarajan3, Wai Leong TAM1, Jianyong Han1, Joshy George3, 6, Christopher Wong2, Kalpana Ramnarayanan2, Tze Yoong Phua2, convertible Yee Leong2, Yang Sun. CHAN2, Nallasivam Palanisamy2, Edison Tak-Bun Liu2, Krishna Murthy Karuturi3, Bing Lim1, 10, and Lance David Miller2, 10.