Conservative surgery preserves fertility in women with borderline ovarian tumorsThe largest study to date on women with borderline ovarian tumors shows that fertility obtained when conservative surgery is used, a scientist said on 21 Annual Meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology the supply of drugs . Christophe Poncelet, the UFR SMBH L? Onard de Vinci, Universit? Paris XIII, Bobigny, France, meaning that the research that women choose to preserve their fertility removed by only one ovary.

However, the recurrence rate with conservative surgery very high at 16.6 percent compared with an average 70 – month period. ‘But we would recommend conservative surgery for younger women with unilateral BOT ‘, said Dr. Poncelet. ‘Our data underscores the fact that there is an appropriate option for this women, especially if they want to become pregnant. There was no difference in the recurrence rate between those who conceived, not even in the time to relapse. ‘.

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