Action for Stroke Prevention is supported by an educational grant from Bayer HealthCare.References1 The report and all related materials, has been determined by the authors independently of Bayer HealthCare. Caguioa ES, Park CG et al. Reduce stroke risk in patients with hypertension: Asian Consensus Conference recommendations. International Journal of Stroke 2006; 1:150-7.

The report of the call-to – action and recommendations are supported by: – ADKA – Anticoagulation Europe – Arrhythmia Alliance – Arrhythmia Alliance China – Arrhythmia Alliance Japan – Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology – Atrial Fibrillation Association – Atrial Fibrillation Association Australia – Cardiac Society Myanmar Medical Association – Chinese College of Cardiovascular Physician – Chinese Society of Cardiology – Chinese Society of pacing and Electrophysiology – Clinical Research Center for Stroke, Korea – European Heart Rhythm Association – European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society – European Stroke Conference – German Competence Network on Atrial Fibrillation – Heart Association of Thailand – Hong Kong College of Cardiology – Indonesian Heart Association – Japanese Organization of Clinical Research Evaluation and review – Korean Stroke Society – Lao society of Cardiology – Malaysian Medical Association – National Heart Association of Malaysia – National Heart Foundation of Australia – National Stroke Foundation of Australia – Philippine Heart Association – StopAfib.The TB Alliance is uses means of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, from the Rockefeller Foundation, Irish Aid, the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs of , the United Kingdom of DFID and the United States Agency for International Development . For further information on TB of drug development process the TB Alliance, please visit.. About which TB Alliance operatesthe Global Alliance for TB Drug Development , a not-for for-profit, product design twinning accelerating the discovery and the development of new TB medicine, to treatment of has to shorten, active against sensitive and resistant strains, by with antiretroviral treatment on HIV-TB patients moment in such regimens and treatment of latent infection.

The X-rays have at the past two years, and every been independently assessed by three board-certified radiologist. Spirometry test, which action lung functions, and healthcare Historien were also adopted. Although not assess for the study, them will be reported to later on, from Dr. Full results of the trial to be rated and publish.