After two days of of treatment with the gamma-secretase inhibitor, formed neither podocytes nor proximal tubular cells. Another nephron structure distal tubule was not disturbed. – The exciting discovery was that Notch cells cells, podocytes seems to have become a mass of non-specialized epithelial cells, says Miner. ‘ This shows that Notch involved in an earlier stage of development than any other factor podocyte which is identified so far is. ‘.

So did with development of kidney expert Jeffrey H. Associate Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology and Physiology, to investigate further.But first, they had to solve a methodological conundrum: of Notch study the effects of Notch in the kidney when the animals die without Notch before the kidney begins to form?About Galderma – Galderma being one of the leading pharmaceuticals company that exclusively on research, development and commercialization of dermatology products. His expertise covers a wide spectrum of skin, hair and nails illness.