All cases are associated with travel to Mexico. The Health Protection Agency advice remains that individuals returning from affected areas, during a flight, unwell within seven days of their return should stay at home and look. Their GP or NHS Direct Individuals are evaluated and, if testing and treatment is provided.

The Health Protection Agency is working to ensure that all close contacts of the three patients are offered antivirals as a preventative measure. The definition of close contacts preliminary recommendations preliminary recommendations from the Health Protection Agency. This means that individuals exposed to a probable or confirmed case antivirals antivirals as a precautionary measure at a distance of one meter or less, and for more than an hour.The writers have also found CT of the effectiveness from used antibiotics, pyrimethamine-sulfonamide and the less toxic spiramycin was similarly.. 23 developed serious neurological sequelae or died, nine of which been dismissed during her pregnancy. By the comparison of number of children who have severe of neurological sequelae, the prenatal the treatment the number of children did not receive prenatal treatment, authors assumes that prenatal treatment of congenital Toxoplasma reduced the risk of serious neurological consequences by three quarters by had been obtained.