Understand this easy to exercises performed at performed at home, have the potential to seven years? of thousands of people to improve. .. Almost twice as many patients who had the brochure and telephone support, she said, felt much better and very good at the end of of the study, compared with those who had routine care. Even without support get the brochure led to a better recovery than the regular care. Only 5 % of patients who received the brochure reported worse symptoms with support at the end of the study, compared with 15 % of those receiving usual care. Professor Yardley says: Dizziness can be a frustrating and sometimes frightening condition Many people are not diagnosed, learn no treatment for it and just to live with it, this will result in poor quality of life and high costs for health care have.

Presented in the study, Professor Yardley at the WONCA conference more than 300 participants randomly assigned to either routine medical care , booklet-based vestibular rehabilitation only, or booklet base receive vestibular rehabilitation with telephone support by a physician.‘We think cytokines, such as interferon gamma, of the mouse, controlling mastocytes functional the body are, ‘said John J. Associate Professor biology, wrote at the VCU and lead author of study. ‘Because cause inflammation that govern does like many mast cells of the body, take to go on what they mastocytes, and if she. Dying can have a great influence on health and illness are ‘been a report on, a report on a patient with a mastocytosis that proliferate a kind of pre – leukemia where mast cells is unusual that improvement to IFN _ the treatment? ‘. Said, ‘is possible that different mast cell related diseases, such as asthma, may responsive to IFN the treatment _ ‘?