Amoxicillin use 3-6 months doubled the risk of dental fluorosis. The significantly increased risk of dental fluorosis with amoxicillin use during early childhood has been associated found at all levels of statistical analyzes, even after controlling for other potential risk factors, such as fluoride intake, otitis media infections, and breastfeeding, the authors report.

.. Liang Hong, from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and colleagues examined the association between dental fluorosis and amoxicillin use during early childhood. Hong is now with the Department of Dental Public Health and Behavioral Science, University of Missouri. Kansas City) The researchers analyzed data from the Iowa Fluoride Study, a prospective study that fluoride exposure, biological and behavioral factors, children’s dental health. They followed 579 participants from birth to 32 months, using questionnaires every three to four months in order gather information on fluoride intake and amoxicillin use.-rt. Evidence of autism Mystery Novel Mouse Modeldawn disorders in serotonin Signalling in brain may contribute to autism spectrum disorder and other ‘lasting effect on behavior of, ‘Vanderbilt researchers report.

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