Recent-onset Phase III Study Results Compared Investigational Compound BRINAVESSTM Intravenousintravenously in a new Phase III study, BRINAVESSTM , an investigational drug in the European Union by Merck developed and Cardiome Pharma Corp. to treat atrial fibrillation, showed superior that BRINAVESS was amiodarone injection, in converting patients heart rate of atrial fibrillation, AF in in sinus rhythm within 90 minutes after the start of administration. The study results were presented during a Late-Breaking Clinical Trials session at Heart Rhythm 2010, the annual meeting the Heart Rhythm Society.

In the study called AVRO , 51.7 % converted the patients on BRINAVESS of atrial fibrillation to within within 90 minutes, compared to 5.2 % amiodarone amiodarone group (.Steroid dosing to set 1 was 1 mg / kg / dose every 6 hours and 0.5 to 1 mg / kg / dose once every 12 hours to Gruppe 2 . An average duration of hospitalization were 2.01 days to for Set 1 and 1.98 hours for group of 2, suggesting there was no effect on the duration of residence. Researchers conclude that reducing daily dose of systemic corticosteroids for to status asthmaticus does not affect the duration of hospital stay.

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