Both AN2728 and AN2898 possess demonstrated efficacy in human scientific trials of psoriasis, stated David Perry, CEO of Anacor Pharmaceuticals. Pre-clinical studies claim that they may also succeed in dealing with atopic dermatitis. This trial is intended to comprehend the potential of each compound to treat the condition, and, if effective, determine which compound to advance in development further. .. Anacor Pharmaceuticals initiates AN2728, AN2898 Stage 2 trial in mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis Anacor Pharmaceuticals announced today that the 1st patient offers been dosed in a Phase 2 trial of AN2728 and AN2898 to determine safety, efficacy and tolerability of both compounds for the topical treatment of mild-to-average atopic dermatitis.Your genes, your sex, the amount of fat on your own body, your age, and the thickness of your skin layer are all linked to the quantity of cellulite you possess or how visible it is. It doesn’t matter what causes cellulite, there aren’t any miracle products, treatments, or medicines that may make it go away. Some treatments may temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. They don’t last, though. For example, fancy salon treatments use deep massaging to puff up the skin. That can make cellulite look a little better for a while.