At the summit, which is being held over two days in the country’s capitol, PAs will organize to go over the existing state of health care legislation and talk with their Senators and Representatives. The Capitol Connection summit will recognize U.S. Doctor General Regina Benjamin, M.D., with the 2010 AAPA President’s Award. Awarded to Dr. Benjamin on her behalf support of PAs in her dedication to patient care, the President’s Award honors a superb advocate for physician assistants. As ‘America’s Doctor,’ Dr. Benjamin provides the public with the very best scientific information on how to enhance their health and the health of the nation. ‘We are delighted the Geriatric Urological Culture selected ‘Sexual Function after Cooled Great Energy Transurethral Thermotherapy: Outcomes of Patient Clinical Data up to 5 Years Post-Treatment’ and ‘Intra-Prostatic Temps and Necrosis during High Energy Cooled Microwave Treatment’ for display,’ stated Stryker Warren jr., Chief Executive Officer.Any meals that’s processed or manufactured is very likely to promote weight problems, or some other chronic disease. Foods made out of refined white flour or refined sugars, for example, will certainly alter your blood sugar levels and tell the body to start storing fats. Foods high in saturated animal fat, such as for example red meat, or foods that are high in hydrogenated oils, like margarine or shortening, will pack on your body fat also, and damage your cardio-vascular health simultaneously. Achieving a healthy body weight definitely requires taking these foods out of your diet for the rest of your life. You could have either carbonated drinks and processed foods, or a sound body weight – – but not both.