There can be another thing in the cell that’s controlling all of the motors.’ Welte and his group are now searching at where in the cell this transmission originates from and how it impact the motors. Although Welte’s group studied fruit fly eggs, the motors shifting the organelles can be found in every animals and useful for many duties, including transport in individual neurons. Welte also highlights that viruses, including HIV, utilize the same sort of motors to go about the cell, initial to obtain from the website of penetration to the nucleus, where they multiply, also to get progeny viruses back again to the cell surface area then. If Welte and others can work out how cells control these motors normally, it could be possible to avoid HIV from acquiring control of the motors and therefore to maintain it, and additional intracellular pathogens, at the advantage of the cell where they are able to do little harm..In her old age, she observed that their clinic was having fantastic results with most types of cancer still, but cancers which once have been capable to cured in only three weeks roughly were taking on to six month or longer. I really believe that what she observed is a perfect illustration of what I outlined above. My very own suggested anti-cancer process could be overkill for many individuals. But I think it takes more than just one single cancer preventative or tumor fighter these days. That can be why the beautiful Budwig protocol, once an almost sure cancers beater and still very successful, is considered an important component of what I would recommend, but far from the ONLY element.