In fact , the researchers are now to identify other genes that regulate KCNQ function and physiology the heart, and – thanks to the short lifespan of Drosophila – the effects of aging, which is much more difficult to do in mammals with a search relatively long life. Bodmer amazing amazing conservation of genes between flies and , , said. We can now look at as heart function ages a realistic time frame. .

The study reports that mutations in a molecular channel found in cardiac muscle cell membranes arrhythmias similar to those caused in humans, suggesting that lead to the understanding of how this channel could be controlled in the cell to new heart disease treatments. – ‘This study shows that the Drosophila heart can be a model for the human heart,’said Burnham researcher Bodmer. ‘Fly hearts have many ion channels. In the hearts of people, so it is appropriate to extend mechanistic insight into the human heart found fly heart function. ‘.This press release release includes ‘forward looking statements’products & services growth of the company and the development of the items containing. Various important risk could lead to which Company’s actual results specified materially from those in those forward-looking statements, including: undesired Results The at its drug discovery and clinical development programs as, on patent patent protection for his discoveries in; commercially constraints of patent imposed on owned or Third party control, the Company’s dependence of strategic partners for development and commercialization out of products and services, its work relies, trouble or delays in obtaining administrative authorization the commercialization of products & services arising from its development efforts, product withdrawals, competitiveness factors, difficulties in and delays in the production the Company’s products, government of and third parties refund rates, that commercial success of VELCADE and Integrilin Injection; achievement revenues in accordance with internal forecasts New information, future requirement for significant resources to the implementation of research and development and commercialization.

PINNACLE StudyIn a prospective, single-arm study of 155 patients with relapsed or refractory MCL to more than two prior therapies received VELCADE single agent first the 44thh VELCADE. Twice weekly for two weeks repeated every 21 days one year. Patients treated with a complete response, unverified complete reaction of or partial remission a median of and include eight treatment cycles, and View all patients in the study received a median of four cycles is. The findings of the study include:.