Animal Experimentation Increases in U.S. While Coming Under Fire in U click here .K. The number of animals found in laboratory experiments has risen to nearly 115 million world-wide, according to a recently available record in the journal Alternatives to Laboratory Animals. The U.S. Leads the way, using 17 million pets last year, as the U.K. Utilized only 3 million. The U.K. Is apparently in the forefront of protests against what’s seen as a barbaric practice that ultimately may bring no real advantage to mankind.

Although problems might lie ahead concerning how data from such clinical trials should be properly interpreted and whether long-term safety can be set up with T supplementation, these results warrant definite investigation into the beneficial function that androgens might have in avoiding cardiovascular risk in androgen-deficient males, added Traish.. Androgen deficiency associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases Researchers from Boston University College of Medication in collaboration with researchers from Lahey Clinic Northshore, Peabody, Mass., believe that androgen deficiency may be the underlying cause for a number of common clinical conditions, including diabetes, erectile dysfunction, metabolic syndrome and coronary disease .