The documented health advantages of GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid, are similar and complementary to those of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Published studies have recognized the use of GLA as an effective skin and anti-inflammatory health agent. A recent research by Schirmer and Phinney discovered that GLA supplementation also has a key role in maintaining fat loss. Evening primrose essential oil and borage oil are the two primary commercial resources of GLA, containing 10 % and 20 % GLA respectively. With an increase of than 40 % GLA, SONOVA 400 has more than four situations the GLA focus of evening primrose oil and two times the concentration of borage oil.That’s why the next part of the study was specifically encouraging, Raz said. When researchers administered a proteins enzyme known as extracellular signal-related ERK or kinase, it appeared to suppress intestinal turmorigenesis in the mice, causing tumor proteins to degrade more and raising the survival time of the mice quickly. If the inhibiting enzyme, which happens to be undergoing clinical trials elsewhere, proves to work and safe, researchers say it eventually could provide FAP sufferers with another option apart from surgery.