The Institute of Medicine researchers say though they discovered sufficient proof to infer a causal romantic relationship between asbestos publicity and laryngeal cancer, they did not find enough evidence to summarize asbestos causes cancers in the esophagus. They also say there was insufficient evidence to infer a causal romantic relationship between asbestos pharyngeal and exposure, tummy, and colorectal cancers.. Asbestos linked to cancer of the tone of voice box According to research carried out by the Institute of Medication in the U.S. Another tumor has been associated with asbestos. The report says that contact with asbestos can cause tumor of the voice container, or larynx. The U.S. Senate acquired asked the Institute of Medicine to investigate the hyperlink between asbestos and cancers of several organs currently listed in stalled legislation to be able to create a $140 billion asbestos injury settlement fund.Multiple sclerosis is normally a progressive, disabling neurological disease often, which is most often diagnosed among adults between the age groups of 15 and 40. While the exact cause of MS is unknown, the body's immune response is involved, and is the target of most current medications used in treatment. These medications do not remedy the illness, but they do help alleviate symptoms and gradual the progression of the disease. Liu. This process aims to stop the nerve damage linked to an important human brain transmitter known as glutamate. The concentrate of her team's investigation was a spinal cord change that involved a protein, which attaches to a particular cell receptor for the glutamate neurotransmitter.