Are There Any HOME CURES for Scabies? Although you cannot cure a case of scabies without prescription drugs from a doctor, there are certain actions you can take at home to keep from reinfesting yourself or your family. Wash all clothes, towels, and bed sheets that you have found in the last three days. Use hot water more click here . You need to use the dryer at high temperature than air drying rather. Since the mites may survive on nonliving objects for a number of days, place the items that aren’t machine washable into a bag and store for weekly.Cut your nails, and clean under them to eliminate any mites or eggs which may be present thoroughly.Thoroughly vacuum carpets, furniture, bedding, and car interiors, and throw the vacuum-cleaner bag aside when finished.Try to avoid scratching.

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Almonds are a great source of magnesium and great sprinkled on a salad or fish. You will most likely see supplments combining 500 mg. Of calcium with 250 mg. Of magnesium which are great to take in the morning which can only help to lower blood pressure during the day time. Take it at night again, about one hour before bed time and it will help calm your heart, muscle tissues and make it simpler to get yourself a good night’s sleep.. Are You Deficient In Magnesium? Magnesium deficiencies are more common than a lot of people realize which can contribute to migraines and high blood pressure.