It is a disease that can quickly end up your marriages certainly. The person experiencing this disease doesn’t experience any desire to truly have a sex. According to the extensive research, some of the reasons for this disease are stress, bad living habit & unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the illnesses like diabetes & blood pressure can also cause this disease. Another very popular disease is definitely premature ejaculation. In this disease, the individual suffers from the first ejaculation.The full total results present that the pets without MIF develop the original, acute stage of the disease, but show no indicators of further progression. In the November 1 The analysis is released as a LEADING EDGE paper, 2005, problem of the Journal of Immunology. Our results claim that MIF could be less very important to initiating MS, but that it could be essential for MS progression, says principal investigator Caroline C. Whitacre, professor of molecular virology, immunology and medical genetics. These results indicate that later on we are able to perhaps use MIF amounts to predict the starting point of a relapse.