The subjective ramifications of the 20 mg lorcaserin dose were very similar to those of placebo. ‘Drug liking’ was significantly lower for the 40 mg and 60 mg lorcaserin doses as compared to zolpidem and ketamine, and topics demonstrated significant disliking of these supratherapeutic doses of lorcaserin in comparison to placebo. The topics' willingness to take lorcaserin once again for recreational purposes was significantly lower for 40 mg and 60 mg dosages as compared to placebo. Data from the trial demonstrate that the risk for abuse associated with lorcaserin is quite low and significantly less than that of zolpidem or ketamine.This issue of Monday’s interview will become Barry’s experiences and lessons learned leading an evergrowing business that provides health care to California’s inmate human population. As sponsor Ric Franzi says, We’re so excited to have Barry on our present because he’s a solid business owner and he’s built an effective business in an exceedingly challenging industry. Barry has been with American Correctional Solutions since 1985 when he founded the company with his after that partner, Dr. Nathan Roth. ACS specializes in neuro-scientific on-site comprehensive correctional treatment in state, county, and federal services. Barry’s professional staff is employed in all 33 of California’s prisons, multiple county jails, several youth services and Department of Mental Health Hospitals.