The OptionELITE IVC Filtration system, designed by Rex Medical, LP, provides the clinician with the same secure and trusted design now enhanced for ease of delivery and retrievability. ‘Protection and retrievability are without issue two of the very most vital, and rare, characteristics in a best-in-class retrievable IVC filter. Argon is very happy to be able to provide best of the global worlds by presenting the OptionELITE,’ stated George Leondis, President of Argon Medical Devices. ‘This technology provides clinicians with a safe and stable IVC filtration system which can be confidently deployed and retrieved while minimizing the chance of migration, fracture and penetration.’ Related StoriesStudy confirms neuroprotective effects of hypothermia in newborns with HIECWRU investigator receives $2.82 million NIH grant to make stealth bombs for brain cancer treatmentBoston Scientific signs definitive agreement to obtain CeloNova's interventional radiology business OptionELITE's enhanced retention anchor pattern provides stability and reduced retrieval power while preventing migration and reducing the risk of penetration.It may be either a dog chasing us or any other deadline. The heart may be the first to have the signal of stress .It immediately begins pumping blood to the limbs for a flight or combat situation. But when there is any type of congestion in the lymph program and the stress levels keep increasing, then it becomes quite difficult for the center to handle the stress. One in five Us citizens suffer from cardiac diseases in the modern times due to a combination of enormous stress, high cholesterol, artery damage and badly working lymph drainage.