Specialist Centers increase survival abdominal aortic aneurysm surgeryPeople with abdominal aortic aneurysms have a better chance of surviving if in in hospitals a large number of a large number of patients, as in at smaller regional hospitals with fewer patients patients In this study, repaired, he is liable to tear and cause catastrophic bleeding, which is fatal in 80 percent of cases, make as many patients never to a hospital. – The first paper reports an epidemiological study of UK data from 2000 to 2005, which examined the results of surgery on 112,545 patients. This showed that generate specialized centers dealing with more than 32 cases per year to better results than regional centers with lower case numbers levitra generico comprar . If the patient came in with a ruptured aneurysm, the chance of survival was as small regional and specialist centers.

Note, however, the authors conclude that the current state of knowledge about the extent of adolescent drug use, and what works in reducing the problems, the knowledge of a number of countries with high incomes is limited. In addition, studies to test the effectiveness of interventions are scarce and many measures are still in the real world settings can be evaluated. – In an accompanying Comment, Isidore Obot substance substance-use measures in developing countries, noting: ‘It is true that developing countries something from the experiences of developed countries, to learn the success in preventing drug use and reduce harm does not come in the application. A strategy or set of strategies, but the issue in the context of development planning are countries faced with the reality of poverty, where drug policy is often limited to law enforcement, prevention is sporadic. Resources are limited, and drug and alcohol problems to keep up with, that the policy could be regarded as more immediate problems of survival. ‘.

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