Those circumstances accounted for nearly one-third of the $193 million in healthcare spending documented over the analysis period. Nearly three-quarters of medical events identified by researchers had been triggered by high degrees of great particulate pollution – – tiny bits of soot that can lodge deep in lung area. The health events examined in the analysis had been concentrated in the San Joaquin Valley and the four-county South Coastline Air Basin. The cost of treating health events caused by air pollution is equal to the expense of offering flu vaccines to 85 % of California children under age 15, according to the report. Experts say their study provides a conservative estimate about the expenses of medical care triggered by air pollution because it does not include outpatient treatment provided in clinics or medical offices.They have studied molecular changes and interactions considered ‘brain tumor pathways’ that business lead from defective gene activity to cancers generation in the brain. The researchers also have identified specific genes that may actually support malignancy stem cells. Like normal stem cells, cancer stem cells be capable of self-renew and generate fresh cells, but of producing healthy cells instead, they create malignancy cells.