Ashford University introduces Bachelor of Arts in Wellness Education degree Ashford University, an academic organization owned by Bridgepoint Education, provides introduced its Bachelor of Arts in Health Education degree just . This scheduled program is put to aid students seeking employment in the ever-expanding health care industry. During its design procedure, close attention was paid to America’s evolving wellness landscape and the Health Education BA encompasses contemporary demographic trends to provide learners an overarching understanding of healthcare. America’s health service program increases in proportions every day.

‘We have to look at the root factors behind the spread of infectious disease, and several of these are linked to ecosystem and habitat change.’ Writer: Terry Devitt -.. As humans alter property, infectious diseases follow As people remake the world’s landscapes, cutting forests, draining wetlands, building roads and dams, and pushing the margins of cities ever outward, infectious diseases are gaining new toeholds, cropping up in fresh places and brand-new hosts, and posing an ever-increasing risk to animal and human health. Composing this month in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, an international team of specialists warns that widespread changes in the global scenery are providing new opportunities for a large number of infectious diseases, including scourges like malaria, dengue fever, Lyme disease, yellow fever, cholera, influenza, mouth and foot, and hemorrhagic fevers.