Nivolumab functions by inhibiting a protein called PD-1, which usually blocks the body's disease fighting capability from attacking cancerous cells. Nivolumab was accepted by the meals and Medication Administration in December 2014 for the treating advanced melanoma and on March 4, 2015, for patients with previously treated metastatic squamous non-little cell lung cancer. Patients with these types of advanced-stage cancers possess tumors which may be challenging to take care of, said Dr. Vivek Khemka, Medical Oncologist, CTCA NivoPlus and Western Principal Investigator. We are investigating whether combining nivolumab with these chemotherapy drugs will be a better strategy against their disease.It can also naturally occur, however. The condition Legislature directed medical department to act following the real-lifestyle Brockovich uncovered the case of Pacific Gas & Electric Corp., which stood accused of leaking the chemical in to the groundwater of Hinckley, a little town in the Mojave Desert about 122 miles northwest of Los Angeles, which caused health issues, including malignancy. On its website, the division stated in a July 27, 2011 announcement it set up a Public Health Objective of 0.02 parts per billion for hexavalent chromium, the so-called ‘Erin Brockovic Chemical.’ ‘The health-protecting level is founded on avoidance of potential carcinogenic effects,’ the announcement said.