It appeared to be more well worth the belly ache because it was not limited to gastronomical prowess, also for a good cause.. Austin’s Custom made Tops raises charity money for local children Austin’s Custom Tops, an area business focusing on granite and eco-friendly countertops, co-sponsored, with Ryan Hill and Gray Country House Health, a slider-eating throwdown in the neighborhood cafe 219 West on Wednesday, 9th December. Fifty people arrived to cheer on both brave contestants who ate their method through platefuls of sliders to get the neighborhood charity, The Austin Children’s Shelter.Population agreements influenza each year. Vaccination not only decreases the chance of illness for the vaccine recipient but also helps prevent the pass on of the influenza virus and limits its role in the potential development of life-threatening complications. CDC figures show that, within an average year in the United States, influenza causes a lot more than 200,000 hospitalizations and kills 36,000 people, primarily in ages 65 and older. Influenza, a contagious disease caused by the influenza virus, affects the respiratory tract, leading to symptoms in the nose often, throat and lungs, as well as fever, headache, body and tiredness aches.