Autism Speaks releases ‘Visual Supports’ tool package for parents, providers Provides valuable instruction to parents and companies to boost daily communication whenever your kid with autism has small verbal skillsAutism Speaks, North America’s largest autism research and advocacy business today released the Visual Works with and Autism Spectrum Disorder device kit providing valuable assistance to parents, suppliers and families about how exactly to utilize pictures, photos and other visual works with to boost communication for children, adolescents and adults who have a problem with understanding or using vocabulary. For kids with autism spectrum disorder , not merely can visual supports significantly facilitate routine conversation and improve vocabulary comprehension, visual supports are of help in explaining public interactions also, daily transitions in one activity to another and may facilitate adaptation to fresh situations for adolescents and kids with ASD. The guide is specially helpful if a kid or adolescent on the spectrum has problems understanding social cues, has difficulty following spoken instructions, or is anxious or works out when offered surprising or unfamiliar circumstances .

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