Autistic kids have unique facial features? Scientists might not agree on what can cause autism, but a fresh study that viewed kids’ facial characteristics will help researchers understand the origins of the developmental disorder. PICTURES: Could it be autism? Facial features that present disorder The study discovered that kids with autism have specific differences in facial features than typically developing kids . There is absolutely no clear response about whether autism can be due to genetics or by environmental influences, study writer Dr.

Autism Treatment A pediatrician will refer the caregiver and the kid to an expert in developmental disorders for the assessment. Some people may choose to have this expert deal with their child’s condition, however they are absolve to seek treatment elsewhere. There is no regular treatment for autism, and various professionals have got different philosophies and procedures in looking after their patients. You might want to chat to several specialist to get the one with whom you are feeling most comfy. Ask family, friends, and the ongoing healthcare practitioner to acquire referrals. Call autism groupings or check the web for referral services.