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Amyloid plaques is thought to slowly accumulate in patients over the years death of brain cells death of brain cells and eventually dementia. This is the first large-scale multicenter study of an 18F-labeled PET molecular contrast agents for visualizing amyloid plaques. – The initiation of this trial for for Avid and what a great progress for the field of molecular imaging, said Daniel Skovronsky, President and CEO of Avid. This is just the beginning of our efforts is to to develop molecular imaging agents and a reality for patients dealing with the devastating effects of dementia. .. Disease. Initiates First Phase II study of novel compound imaging AlzheimerAvid Radiopharmaceuticals, announced the initiation of a clinical phase II trial studying 18F-AV-45, an investigational molecular imaging compound under development for imaging Alzheimer’s disease.The pilot leaving the female patient at the flying field provided someone wanted to to meet him.

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