The surgery could be for a to a significant problem–from vacular medical procedures to repair blood flow problems, to damaged hips or bones, urological or neurological problems and more. Often, serious coronary artery disease is certainly discovered through the pre-medical testing. If serious, it presents a more-immediate problem and for that reason, must be treated prior to the individual undergoes the elective medical procedures. Prior studies show that individuals may suffer fatal center attacks because of clotting within the stents when medical procedures is performed within a couple weeks after stent positioning.The info in Figure 3 include myocardial telomere lengths for 9 newborns and the 504 individuals aged 60 years or older .Regression analyses allowed the rates of myocardial telomere size reduction to be calculated while 20 base pairs per year in the 530 individuals overall and the 504 patients aged 60 years or older , respectively. There is a significant reduction of myocardial telomere size with aging.Total size imageFigure 4 shows the outcomes of regression evaluation of the relationship between the annual modification in telomere length and heart weight , and for the 504 who had been aged 60 years or old .