When someone drinks an excessive amount of and gets alcoholic beverages poisoning, it affects your body’s involuntary reflexes — including breathing and the gag reflex. If the gag reflex isn’t working correctly, an individual can choke to loss of life on his / her vomit. Other signs someone might have alcoholic beverages poisoning include: extreme confusion inability to be awakened vomiting seizures irregular or slow breathing low body temperature pale or bluish skin If you think somebody has alcohol poisoning, contact 911 immediately.From then on, though, their plans would have to meet up with the same basic requirements as the minimum plans offered in the new Wellness Insurance Exchange that would be established. Employers may also see measures targeted at increased taxes because of their highest paid employees and limitations on health savings accounts, reimbursement of health expenses under flexible spending health insurance and arrangements reimbursement accounts. The House expenses would prohibit taxpayers from using wellness flexible spending arrangement dollars to cover over-the-counter medications and in addition cap annual contributions to a health FSA provided under an employer-sponsored cafeteria program at $2,500, indexed for inflation. Health Insurance Exchange, Public Option The homely house costs requires that, like businesses, people either offer insurance for themselves or face a economic penalty.