The ongoing business manufactures UV disinfection systems for municipal normal water, reuse and wastewater applications.. BIOTRONIK launches new Renamic implantable cardiac gadget in Europe BIOTRONIK SE & Co. Today the European market release of their new Renamic implantable cardiac gadget programmer KG announced. Renamic is the most recent addition to BIOTRONIK’s fresh portfolio of external gadgets launched within just a few months. The advantages of Renamic have already been confirmed in a lot more than 1000 follow-up user testing. Its new interface offers been optimized with improved usage of spacing and an intuitive color coding.This new drink item from Oenobiol, which Sanofi bought back 2009, is one of many in a longer line of emerging foods with medical benefits, a product niche that typically incurs various regulatory roadblocks. Because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration still holds a militant bias against organic foods that are marketed with reputable, scientifically-backed health claims, it really is unclear how the company will treat the brand new item should it ever arrive in the U.S., assuming, of course, that the product is even made out of legitimately healthy ingredients. Perhaps that is why Coca-Cola and Sanofi are launching the product just in pharmacies as if it was a drug rather than food.