Zsuzsanna Jakab, mind of the EU’s Stockholm-based European Middle for Disease Avoidance and Control, says there is normally concern that avian flu is currently spreading within europe. Hungary is waiting on outcomes from an expert laboratory in Britain to determine if the H5 virus detected in three lifeless wild swans previous this week was the H5N1 stress. In Iraq a bird flu alert offers been submitted in a province south of the administrative centre Baghdad to stop folks from transporting birds in and from the area; in January an Iraqi lady died from the virus.Ron Pawl, a neurosurgeon at Lake Forest Hospital, Lake Forest, Ill. He calls for collaborative research initiatives to determine whether the link between cell mind and phones malignancy is real. Scientists have long been concerned over the chance that ELF exposure may increase the threat of brain cancers. Until recently, however, study has shown no clear hyperlink between cell phone use and human brain tumors. Earlier this year, a Swedish research group published an epidemiologic research suggesting an increased risk of brain cancers along with acoustic nerve tumors in people using mobile phones for a decade or longer.