BMA response to National Audit Office report on the national program for them in the NHS, UKThe BMA urges NHS Connecting for health1 from the lessons in the National Audit Office report outlining The National Programme for IT in the learning NHS: Progress since 2006 2.

the NAO report highlights of that success of the NHS IT program on on the commitment of NHS staff. The major challenge for local health organizations will be to create an environment, the commitment and the confidence of employees encourages create. This will happen only if the progress in the development of the program is transparent. Staff must be informed, 12:01 will be held affect their hospital or practice. More work in order to to achieve this goal at the local level .Nielsen R. Darwinist and demographics affecting of human protein coding genes. A genome wide Res Issue: 10,108.

Reference:foot Y. Alternative splicing of old age exonized 5S rRNA controls installation transcription factor TFIIIA. Genome Res doi: – 14 Flint J. And Mackay T. Genetic architecture quantitative characteristics in mice, flies and humans Genome Res doi:. 10 108. 15 Evolution at canalisation and dual roles of microRNA – hypothesis. Genome Res Issue: 10 pp.