The progress was followed by them of the fermentation and tracked the survival of the pathogens. The researchers determined that a number of different starter cultures of lactic-acid-producing bacterias were delicate to these antibiotics and did not acidify the sausage meats effectively. They mentioned the results could describe why people sometimes get sick from eating fermented sausage. The analysis team concluded their results show antibiotics can potentially have a ‘paradoxical effect that would increase the risk of food borne disease: antibiotic residues reduce the effectiveness of bacterias which should make the sausages secure but don’t affect the bacterias that may cause illness.’ This study provides sufficient proof that processed meats must be avoided entirely to avoid considerably increased risk of digestive cancers and bacterial infection.Congress rejected a smaller reduction this past year, and ‘there’s no reason to think they would rise to the task in an election year,’ the AP/Contra Costa Moments reports . Potential customers for Budget Request Bush ‘wants to dramatically gradual the growth of big federal health programs’ in his spending budget demand, but lawmakers and their aides ‘say Bush has little leverage left to pressure his proposals on a recalcitrant Congress,’ the Washington Post reviews .