These outcomes represent a fresh record for the mass spectrometric sequencing of intact proteins and unequivocally demonstrate the dramatic benefits of maXis ETD technology in ETD-based top-down protein structural analysis. Simultaneously, many first-generation biotherapeutics should come off patent safety soon, and thus the need for reliable and fast total protein characterization has never been higher, commented Dr. Michael Schubert, Executive Vice President at Bruker Daltonics. We think that the new maXis ETD provides unique and unprecedented capabilities that far go beyond what’s feasible with intact protein ETD on ion trap/orbitrap hybrid instruments.Related StoriesFirst medical center installs Ortho Eyesight AnalyzerPatients provided animal-assisted therapy at UCLA HealthHeart of the Rockies Regional INFIRMARY selects Aprima EHR Trusts who’ve not already done therefore, need to set up Clinical Decisions Systems next to A&E and maintained by A&E clinicians to permit appropriate look after the more complex scientific presentations. These CDUs will serve not merely to reduce unnecessary medical center admissions but also to help ease pressure on doctors to discharge sufferers prematurely.