And Professor Miao-Kun Sunlight, PhD describe how this Alzheimer’s candidate drug repairs the mind and improves memory. Today’s stroke individual has precious mins to receive treatment without suffering irreversible damage or death. One of the biggest challenges in contemporary medical practice is finding an effective treatment that extends that treatment period and repairs damage, said BRNI Scientific Director Daniel Alkon, M.D. Bryostatin could be a remedy. Bryostatin could be existence changing for millions of Americans who suffer neurological conditions – – from Alzheimer’s disease to stroke.With out a last-minute agreement, July 1 Medicaid may cease altogether there on. Most people think it earned't come compared to that, but given the unpredictable nature of the combat over Obamacare, advocates and hospitals there are developing concerned understandably. Some 700,000 folks are on the Medicaid rolls in Mississippi, and this program represents about 16 % of the state's hospital income . The Associated Press: Bipartisan Expenses Tackles Ohio Medicaid Plan Ohio lawmakers launched a bipartisan proposal Thursday targeted at curbing Medicaid costs and producing the health program more efficient, as they try to find common ground on the presssing issue.