Dr. Andrew T. The U.S. Preventive Solutions Task Drive recommends that men age group 45 to 79 consider aspirin to avoid heart attacks, as long as their personal benefit is likely to outweigh the risk of bleeding. For women age 55 to 79, aspirin is recommended to avoid ischemic strokes, with the same caveat. Lim said that if your doctor has recommended aspirin for you, stick to that advice. No blood lab tests are needed unless there are underlying health problems suspected that may have played a job in the trauma or if you want to go to the operating room to have the fracture fixed.Turning children with disruptive behaviors in to lobotomized zombies are not the only dangers of these drugs chemically. The atypical course of antipsychotics is known for its set of dangerous side effects, which children are much more susceptible to, including rapid excess weight gain, increase in blood pressure, metabolic abnormalities as well as a slew of disturbing neurological unwanted effects. Tardive Dyskinesia is a permanent, drug-induced neurological condition which manifests itself through involuntary tics and jerks, and has been related to atypical antipsychotics.