The survey comes per month after President Barack Obama pledged to redirect $100 million in the NIH spending budget to accelerate advancement of an end to AIDS, though therapies to prevent the symptoms of Helps shall remain essential for the immediate future, Bonifacino said. ‘For most patients, current medication therapies have changed HIV infection right into a chronic condition that doesn't result in AIDS, but anything we are able to develop to further hinder replication and propagation of the virus would help to keep it in balance until we find a method to completely get rid of the virus from your body,’ he stated.Doll was not beyond nevertheless causing controversy, and in 2001 he said in a BBC radio interview that ‘the effects of other people smoking in my own presence is indeed small it doesn’t worry me’. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1971 and received a string of worldwide prizes, including the United Nations award for cancer analysis in 1962. On hearing of the death of Professor Sir Richard Doll, the Medical Analysis Council LEADER, Professor Colin Blakemore said: ‘We have lost an excellent scientific mind.