Of Santa Cruz, Calif.S. Of Costa Mesa, Calif.Emotion Contagion in Close Relationships by Daniel Sonkin, Ph.D. Of Sausalito, Calif.Choosing a Therapist by Sharon Duffy, Psy.D. Of Woodland Hills, Calif.Talking to Your Teen about Drugs simply by Ronald Mah, M.A. Of San Leandro, Calif.Understanding Lovers Counseling simply by Patsy Phillips, Ph.D. Of Antioch, Calif.Why Don’t You Pick a Crying Baby by Ronald Mah, M.A. Of San Leandro, Calif.’The video series offer Californians a chance to better understand the support a Marriage and Family Therapist can provide,’ said Jill Epstein, J.D., executive director of CAMFT.’..Bald men may blame mum! Despite an enormous selection of treatments, obscure lotions and tinctures there is apparently hardly any successful counter-actions for hair thinning in men. You start with receding hairlines, every second guy suffers from hair reduction to some extent, and it is definitely suspected that hereditary elements are essential in causing hair thinning. Until however researchers were unclear which genes were involved recently. Now for the very first time experts in Germany may actually have discovered among the factors responsible.