A portion of the proceeds from each Pink Ribbon Bagel marketed will advantage the American Cancer Society. This year Panera Breads has partnered with both The Glass Thimble in Columbus, Stitches and OH Quilt Store out of Cincinnati, to encourage guests to take part in a quilt campaign. The ‘Joined In Wish’ Pink Ribbon Bagel Advertising campaign will give customers the chance to decorate a 6×6 inch piece of fabric with a special message of wish targeted toward survivors, those who have other and passed loved ones living with breast cancer.Along with reducing distracting sounds, the staff becomes more mobile and flexible, as they can send and receive information directly in their portable handheld units. The staff may also be able to provide more personal healthcare, as the phone calls and alarms from a specific patient are sent to the same portable units and staff at all times. Ascom systems could be connected to additional business systems. This makes it easier for staff to have access to a huge volume of information. Staffs get a contacting alarm from individuals or colleagues by means of a text message on their handheld unit..