Carter Center, Merck take steps to avoid river blindness in Latin America Public health officials at the 20th Inter-American Conference in Onchocerciasis in Antigua, Guatemala, confirmed that more than one-third of most Latin Americans who ran the risk of contracting river blindness , a respected cause of preventable blindness, are no more at risk link . The Carter Middle – through its sponsorship of the Onchocerciasis Elimination System of the Americas – assists nationwide ministries of wellness in six affected countries in Latin America to conduct health education and distribute Merck’s medicine, ivermectin . Our continued progress toward eliminating river blindness is getting improved health to hundreds of thousands of people in the Americas and the preservation of vision for future generations, said former U.S.

Causes of an ACL Tear In noncontact injuries, the person is normally changing direction quickly, making a sudden prevent or landing from a jump. The injured knee hyperextends and pivots at the same time, stressing the ACL and leading to it to extend and tear. Connected sports, the foot is usually planted and the blow causes knee hyperextension. High-risk sports include soccer, basketball, soccer, and skiing. The usage of cleats increases the threat of an ACL injury also. Women are in higher threat of sustaining an ACL injury than men. Potential known reasons for this increased risk may include differences in anatomy, training, and activity experience. Genetic variations in how muscles agreement may also be another reason for the elevated risk in females. Furthermore, women have a wider pelvis than men to accommodate childbearing, and this can cause an increased angle where the femur meets the tibia at the knee joint.