Thirty participants aged 50 took Spirulina Pacifica supplements for 12 weeks.

Thirty participants aged 50 took Spirulina Pacifica supplements for 12 weeks. Key blood chemistry markers for immune function were tested at baseline and again at six and 12 weeks. The subjects daily daily diets during the whole process. Cysewski said, The research found a steady increase in corpuscular hemoglobin in subjects of both sexes, and improved immune function in the majority of subjects.

Anderson studying additional ways in which early development might be related to obesity, and believes that the complicated relationship might originate in the brain, in particular areas of the brain that control responses to stress. The same areas, are included in the limbic system, also control the sleep / wake cycle, hunger and thirst, and a variety of metabolic processes, particularly through the regulation of hormones. Continue reading

Jentsch said.

Jentsch said. But we have found that KCNQ4 is currently not only in ears, but also in some sensory cells in the skin This gave us the idea that the mutation could also affect the sense of touch and that is we we used in our research, closely closely show collaboration with the laboratory of Gary Lewin, a colleague from the MDC, specialized specializes in. . .

The pressure of the sound waves cause thousands of tiny sensitive hairs in the inner ear to vibrate causing the hair cells to fire tiny electric signals . These electrical signals are then travel to the cochlear nerves of the auditory pathway to the brain. The potassium ion flow through a channel in the cell membrane and then from the hair cells. In hearing-impaired persons this potassium channel, a protein molecule as the KCNQ4 – the mutation. Continue reading

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