Cervical cancer is a major cause of cancer death in women worldwide. But in countries with organized screening programs for cervical cancer, incidence and deaths decreases significantly.

The researchers studied 7,564 women treated for CIN during 1974 and 2001, and followed this up through the Finnish Cancer Registry until 2003.Over the period, the researchers identified 448 new cases of cancer among women, which was 96 more than they expected when looking the average rates in the female population.UCF culture of the chance is driven by our diversity, Orlando environmental, tale entrepreneurship and our young people, relevancy and of energy. Sources: Leicester University, AlphaGalileo Foundation.. The University of Central metropolitan region metropolitan a research university is as fifth as the fifth largest in the nation to more than 48,000 students. UCF first classes been offered in 1968. The university boasts an impressive academic and research context which power of the regional economic development.