Alternatives to DIDP and DINP include wax paper and aluminum wrap; indeed, a dietary intervention that introduced fresh foods that were not really packaged or canned in plastic reduced phthalate metabolites considerably, says Trasande. Our study adds further concern for the need to test chemicals for toxicity ahead of their broad and widespread use, which is not required under current federal laws , he says. Trasande says there are secure and simple steps households can take to limit contact with phthalates.Southland Arthritis was established to treat sufferers in Riverside County and the areas with a wide variety of rheumatic diseases which have plagued individuals in the region. Our Riverside arthritis doctors seek to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-time and caring medical solutions possible to effectively evaluate and manage the various types of arthritis disorders. There are over a hundred different types of arthritis, each using its own cause. And with symptoms ranging from the mildest to the more severe, no two sufferers suffer the same symptoms.