Net loss was $4.2 million, or $ per diluted share, in comparison to net lack of $184,000, or $ per diluted share, in the first half of 2013. For the first half of 2014 finished June 30, 2014, weighted common diluted shares outstanding were 17.8million. Chindex Medical Limited For Chindex Medical Limited , a joint venture between Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. And Chindex International, Chindex regarded its 30 percent curiosity in CML's net loss using the equity approach to accounting because the acquisition of Alma Lasers, Inc.Ankle Sprain Signs and Symptoms Tissue injury and swelling occur when an ankle is sprained. Blood vessels become leaky and invite fluid to ooze in to the soft cells surrounding the joint. White blood cells responsible for inflammation migrate to the area, and blood circulation increases. Listed below are signs and symptoms of inflammation: Swelling: Due to increased liquid in the cells, this is sometimes severe. Discomfort: The nerves are more delicate. The joint hurts and could throb. The discomfort can worsen when the sore area is usually pressed or the foot moves using directions and during walking or standing.