Citation: Ngondi J, Ole – Sempele F, Onsarigo A, Matende I, al Blinding trachoma in South Sudan Post PLoS Med 3 :. E478Please provide the link to the published ARTICLE IN ONLINE versions of your REPORT:Surveys conducted in South Sudan, after conflict ended in 2004, found much higher levels of blindness than expected results to be published in PLoS Medicine was to have a major impact on the provision of health services in the region.

The situation revealed by the researchers is particularly tragic as improved living standards, may prevent better hygiene, and early treatment of the infection with antibiotics for trachoma trichiasis surgery is also very effective The World Health Organization recommends a strategy for trachoma control ‘SAFE’ known. Surgery, antibiotics, facial cleanliness , and environmental change. The authors call for their immediate implementation in Southern Sudan.Bend technology will at Bothell, WA headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC Head office. For more info.. About cornering Technology,Curve Technology providing pharmaceutical companies innovative nose and delivery technologies for the topical, systemic, nose-to brain medicine discover cures and vaccines. Curves Controlled Particle dispersant technology intranasal delivered formulation with much greater effectiveness and efficiency than traditional methods. Which ViaNase product line from includes intelligent sprayer with the potential to providing a wide range of formulations of CPD.

Curve Technology, a leading supplier of nasal drug delivery units, a U.S. Patent has been covers their ViaNase e atomizer line of output. ‘The granting of this patent confirmed technology leadership mirrors our innovation and protecting the intellectual property,’said Marc Giroux, CEO of the technological graph. ‘This is the merely a further step to cornering mission in order to define the possibilities of the newly the nasal drug delivery.