The fact that a high-fiber, low-fat diet plan could help prevent cancer of the colon has been questioned. Research do indicate that workout and a diet abundant with vegetables and fruits can help prevent colon cancer.Obesity: Obesity has been identified as a risk aspect for cancer of the colon.Smoking: Using tobacco has been definitely associated with an increased risk for colon cancer.Drug effects: Recent research have suggested postmenopausal hormoneestrogen alternative therapy may reduce colorectal may cer risk by 1 / 3. Patients with a particular gene which codes for high levels of a hormone called 15-PGDH may have their threat of colorectal cancer reduced by half by using aspirin..Warner of the Mayo Clinic and Terri G. Monk of Duke University INFIRMARY, highlight the need for continued efforts to build up standard definitions and terminology for anesthesia. Dr. Warner responses, ‘Improvements in outcomes based upon scientific studies will end up being hindered unless and until standard definitions are developed for patient outcomes and a wide selection of other perioperative elements.’ The editorial accompanies a new study showing wide variants in the definition of reductions in blood circulation pressure during medical procedures, or intraoperative hypotension . In that study, a Dutch study group analyzed 140 definitions of IOH from published reviews recently. ‘We found that there’s a wide variety in definitions and that according to the description used, the occurrence frequency of IOH may differ between five and 99 %,’ said Dr.