SpeakUp! comes in response to the recent findings of the Mental Health Foundation, the gap in the provision of customized support for adolescents and young adults feel alienated many exits. While managing the transition from childhood to adulthood, email feel uncomfortable with services for children or adults. ‘Disappear’Some young people picked up in the gap between child and adult services, only to discover later if their problems become severe http://vardenafilsverige.com/resencioner.html . Others never get help, sometimes with tragic consequences. – Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said: ‘We hope that is Speak Up a contribution to the debate on mental health services in the UK engage young people develop child and adolescent mental health services quickly, but they seem! not not in a way that this structured structured engaged We hope that opens up this project communication between young people and mental health professionals and another this opportunity to another ‘in the exchange of engage experiences and ideas.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 2005.00 clockWHERE: Washington DC Convention Center 801 Mount Vernon Place, Washington, DCWHO: Speakers Highlights include: – Mike Leavitt, Secretary, HHS – Carolyn M. Director, AHRQ – David J. Brailer, National Coordinator for Health information Technology – Representative Nancy Johnson , House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee – Reed Tuckson, senior vice president, UnitedHealth Group – Congressional Health Care Staff Members.

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