The ladies received two doses each day, separated by six hours, over a five-time period. Follow-up was six months to five years. None of the individuals experienced tumor recurrence through the follow-up period. Aesthetic end result was determined to become good to excellent in 100 % of patients with 95 % judged superb. Implant hardening had not been observed in the patients. ‘In comparison to traditional treatments, brachytherapy provides an excellent alternative for these ladies,’ Dr. Kuske said. ‘It includes very high rates of tumor control with fewer side effects and is much easier on their lifestyle.’.. Breast cancer treatment gives better outcome to women with implants Women with early-stage breast cancer who have undergone breast augmentation may be treated successfully with a partial-breast radiation treatment called brachytherapy, according to a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Culture of North America .Cosman said it’s been exciting to see this occurring with regards to sacroiliac joint pain treatment carrying out a similar research he helped total on bipolar RF warmth lesion size :3-22). In the treatment of SIJ pain, there is a need to create different size lesions because it is difficult to target the multiple lateral branch nerves innervating the joint. The bipolar RF ‘Palisade’ lesioning technique offers been proposed for the procedure for SIJ pain instead of steroid injections, which are frequently performed but have small evidentiary support that they are helpful over the long term. The researchers concluded that cannula gauge, tip size, set heat range and lesion time all affect temperature lesion width and duration substantially.